Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Massage?....Mai Pen Rai Krap

Camera : Nikon D80
f-stop : f/7.1
Exposure time : 1/800 secs
Exposure Bias : 0.0 step
ISO Speed : ISO-250
Focal Length : 95mm ( Nikon )
Metering Mode : Center Weighted Average

My Wifey took this photo of me having a super duper massage under the "waterfall"...damn syioook woooooo. Not bad huh my Wifey's photography skills :-)

"Massage?...mai pen rai krap"

Wa eh Wifey si Amatuer photog oso


  1. lurve this pic. very candid and natural.

  2. thanks Constance...I will inform my Wifey of your comment :-)