Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Eye Of The Tiger

Camera: Nikon D80
f-stop: f/8
Exposure Time: 1/160 secs
ISO Speed: ISO-100
Focal Length: 300mm ( Macro Mode )
Metering Mode: Pattern
Location: Cameron Highlands
Spent quite some time to capture this photo...lots of wind and the bees were buzzing around like crazy.
Lucky the subject was under direct sunlight to compensate for the shortfall of my lens speed. Was really lucky that the stigmen of the flower was properly captured. All in all, I blasted like 50+ frames for this particular photo alone. Thanks to the wonders of the digital age ( memory cards ), no unecessary expense was spent in capturing this shot.
"The Eye Of The Tiger"
Wa Si Amatuer Photog

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